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中文学校的宗旨是教授中文, 传播中华文化, 以及促进在美华人与社区之间的联系。学校的教学活动以中文课为主,同时也办各种文化班,如少儿绘画, 少儿数学等,以及组织各种让社会各界了解中国文化和传统的宣传活动。招生对象是出生在美国的华裔儿童,被领养的华裔儿童,从中国大陆,港澳台,以及其他国家新移民的华裔儿童,以及任何愿意学习中文,了解中华文化和传统的儿童。


Sharon is a multi-cultural community. In and surrounding this town, there are several hundred Chinese families who appreciate our own language and background and hope that our children have the opportunities to learn beautiful Chinese and command this important language so as to arouse their interest in Chinese traditional culture.
The goal for our Chinese School is to teach Chinese and Chinese culture and to connect Chinese Americans with our communities. In addition to Chinese language classes, we also offer cultural classes such as children’s painting, math, and activities that introduce Chinese culture and tradition. We accept children of American Chinese families, adopted children from China, children of new immigrants from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries as well as any children who are willing to learn Chinese and to learn Chinese culture and tradition. We offer smaller-sized classes so every student gets individual attention from their teachers.

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