沙龙中文学校建于二零零四年,并于2016年转为非盈利组织。学生人数从创建初的几个学生的发展到上百个。 本校是新英格兰中文学校协会,美东中文学校协会以及全美中文学校合会会员,并与沙龙镇及坎腾镇华人团体,当地社区机构保持密切联系与合作。沙龙中文学校不断完善教学方法,教材编辑及校务行政制度,办校重点为加强课程内容的多元化设计,积极采纳编辑新教材,修订现有的补充教材,并继续保持与其它中文学校和社区团体的良好关系,为推动海外中文教育而努力。

Sharon Chinese Language School (SCS) was originally established in 2004 in Sharon MA, and currently located at Canton High School in Canton, MA. Over the past ten year, the number of enrollment at SCS has increased from the beginning of several students to over 100 students. Being a member of the New England Association of Chinese Schools (NEACS), the Association of Chinese Schools (ACS) and Chinese School Association in the United States (CSAUS), SCS maintains a good relationship and collaboration with other Chinese schools, local Chinese American organizations and other communities. Sharon Chinese School has kept on improving teaching methods, teaching material selection and administration system. The School focuses on strengthening course content with diverse designing, actively adopting new teaching materials, revising existing supplementary teaching materials, and continuously maintaining good relationship with other Chinese Schools so as to promote overseas Chinese education and efforts in the United States.

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