沙龙中文学校是麻州东南地区建校历史最长、 师资最优、设备具有相当规模的中文学校之一。 我校的教学宗旨是传授中国语言与文化给下一代的海外华人及对中国语言文化感兴趣的美国及世界各地在美友人, 传播并促进中国语言文化的交流和服务,及促进在美华人与社区之间的联系及关系。

Sharon Chinese School (SCS) is one of the largest Chinese Schools with over 10 years old history in South Eastern Massachusetts.

Our mission includes:

1) Providing sustained and systematic Chinese language and culture courses to the children of

Chinese immigrants and those who are interested in learning Chinese language and culture.

2) Preserving Chinese culture and tradition through classes such as Chinese painting, Chinese crafts, and martial arts etc.

3) Promoting mutual understanding and integration in our local communities by participating culture exchange activities.


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