2016 Chinese New Year Celebration

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Words of Mrs. Chang, President and Principal (See Full Speech)

Slide Show
(Thanks to Libo Huang, Haiyan Liang,Yuyuan Huang and all who provided pictures)

Over the Monkey Mountain (Directed by Lin Li. Starred by Mr. Xinlong Chen and Chinese K-4. Thanks to all parent volunteers!)

Performed at the school                                             Performed at Sharon Town Chinese Party


Tongue Twister, Talent Show (Directed by Feng Xue. Performed by Chinese Grade 2)

Adult Yoga (Directed by Jing Chen. Performed by Yoga class)

The Story of a Lantern Monkey (Directed by Jian Sun. Performed by Chinese Grade 4)

Chorus: Childhood  (Directed by Guoying Yan. Performed by Chinese Grade 5)

Poetry Recital with Violin: Poems of Today and Tomorrow  (Directed by Caixiang Zhao. Performed by Chinese Grade 9/AP)

Chinese Kung Fun Fan (Performed by Mrs. Yu)

Chinese Song Chorus: Happy Every Year 欢乐年年 (Performed by Mrs. Luo, Mrs. Yu and Mrs. Kan)

Chinese Song: Counting Ducks 数鸭子 (Performed by Evey)

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