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2016 ACS Eastern Region Annual Contest Herald

It is the tradition that the Association of Chinese Schools Eastern Region of the U.S. would hold its annual conference on the Memorial Day weekend. Sharon Chinese School has participated for three years, and achieved excellent results year after year. In the 2014 annual conference here in Boston, SCS only participated in two of the many events but this year in NJ, we competed in Speech Contests for Chinese as a second language group, lower age group and senior group, Multimedia Contests for 2 age groups: lower and senior group, Poster Competitions and Chinese Culture Knowledge competitions for 2 age groups: lower and senior group. Our school received increasing attention because of our outstanding performance.

Our Diana Li , Margaret Li, Priscilla zhang, and Kathlin Chen won the 2nd place in the Chinese cultural knowledge and became the finalists for this year’s national Chinese Culture Knowledge contest in August. Hannah Li, Alina Hou, Elizabeth Xu, Edan Wong, Harrison Hu and Yuyuan Huang in the Cultural Knowledge for the younger age group won the fourth place in their debut competition.

Soren Morales, Yuyuan Huang and Diana Li were articulate and calm, showing the best of themselves in their respective Speech Contests. SCS participated for the first time in the multimedia and poster contests with Margaret Li,Hannah Lii , Katherine Xu and Elizabeth Xu. The 3 hour long competitions not only showed their talent and team-work but also tested their patience, perseverance and self-challenge. Elizabeth Luo and Hannah Liang in a team and Diana Li and Margarett Li in another team in the Multimedia competitions gave speeches about their Chinese American heroes and calmly and beautifully answered changeling questions raised by the judges. Sitting in the audience, parents and teachers were deeply proud of our students’ outstanding performance.

The benefit of the competition for the students was the process of  learning and their deeper understanding of their own cultural heritage.  SCS would like to thank teachers and parents who accompanied the students to go to this event. We are also very grateful to the teachers, Ms. Zhao, Ms. Li and Ms. Yin, in training team members and their encouragement and to the school that provided team uniform. Congratulations to all who participated in the competition!


每年的阵亡将士纪念日周末,也是美东中文学校协会举行年会的日子。各校学生间的比武大赛一直是年会最为精彩的亮点。 我们沙龙中文学校已连续三年参加, 并逐年取得优异成绩。 第一次参加的在波士顿举行的2014年年会上, 我校仅参加演讲和中华文化知识竞赛两个项目, 及会后的相声文艺表演节目。 今年在新泽西的第四十三届年会比赛, 我们竞逐除了Yo-Yo和唱歌两个项目之外的所有比赛: 演讲赛(中文作为第二外语组, 中年级组,高年级组), 多媒体简报比赛 (中年级组, 高年级组), 和壁报比赛,中华文化知识竞赛(中年级组,高年级组)。 我们学校也因为学生们的出色表现而不断受到关注。

此次地区性的比赛中,我校由李丹娜,李美衡, 张丁尹,陈佳恩等四位同学组成的中华文化知识高年级组赢得了竞赛第二名的好成绩, 并入围参加今年八月份的全美中华文化知识大赛。 文化知识中年级组成员李尹祁,侯文阳,徐睿婕,黄弘毅,胡育 恒和黄钰媛首次参赛,虽未得到奖杯,但也取得了第四名的佳绩。 演讲比赛参赛选手Soren Olsen,黄钰媛和李丹娜都口齿清晰,神态镇定,展现出了最好的自己。 壁报和多媒体简报比赛是我校首次参加,根本不清楚赛事详情,凭着感觉现场学习,场中表现令人骄傲。 参加壁报赛的两组同学分别是: 李美衡,李尹祁, 徐蕴琪和徐睿婕;陈佳恩,陈俊恩,张丁尹和侯文阳。 她们从容展示出各自的才艺及团队的合作精神, 在长达三个小时的时间里完成给定命题的创作,这是耐性和毅力的考验, 更是对自我的挑战。 多媒体简报参赛的两组队员, 骆雁,梁汉娜和李丹娜,李美衡, 赛场上娓娓讲述各自选定的华裔名人,台下的紧张丝毫没有显露于台上,面对评委提出陌生并带有挑战的问题,她们都能温文尔雅地回答,展示亮相舞台上的大方。 坐于台下的家长和老师都深为孩子们的出色表现和积极进取心而自豪。

孩子们积极地准备比赛的这个过程是此次参赛的最大收获。同时他们还在赛场上高强度地充电学习也会让他们记忆深刻。 非常感谢家长们驱车陪同,使孩子们有此良机得到锻炼。也十分感谢老师对参赛队员的培训鼓励和学校慷慨的赛服支持。

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