New Term, New Hope

暑假过后,老师同学周六又来到沙龙中文学校,欢笑,喜悦和希望涌动在心间。 开学第一天忙而有序。教室和老师的安排提前上网,现场指示非常清晰,课本提前送达教室,家长和学生都迅速地有条不紊地进到自己的教室。前台值班家长和学校管理人员热心地解答着各种各样的问题。 新学期,新课程:英文写作,儿童绘画基础,少儿声乐等新添课程给学生提供更多选择。 新学期,新老师:热烈欢迎英文写作课老师Mrs. Olson 和 Mrs. D’Attanasio, 中文七年级和儿童绘画基础班郁晓梅老师。 新学期,新网站:中文班的老师们利用暑期时间建立了班级网站,每次课后都会在这里发布班级信息和作业,敬请关注。 新学期,新管理:从今年起,所有中文班学生都建立起学生学习档案,以后逐年添加。 新学期,新希望!让我们同心协力,为孩子们学习提供尽可能好的环境和尽可能大的支持!

Mrs. Xu Invited to Showcase Her Chinese Painting

                         Painting and Calligraphy Artists Association of North America held its eighth anniversary exhibition at the Book Gallery of Confucius Mansion in New York City on September 12 and 13, displaying 160 works of 50 artists. Six pieces of artwork from Mrs. Xu, our […]

Students won the NECSA Cultural Festival Competition

New England Chinese School Association held a Cultural Festival Competition on Saturday, April 25. Our students again performed well. Diana Li received Second Place in the speech competition for Advanced Group. Cultural Class students received the Second Place in the Chinese Culture and Knowledage Competition. Emily Wang received Honor Awards in the speech competition for Beginner Group. […]

3 Students Won the 24th All-American Youth Chinese Brush Painting Competition

Three students from our Chinese painting class received awards in the 24th All-American Youth Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy Competition.  They are all winners of age group 9 and under.  Erin Fleming won Silver Medal, Myra Chang received Honor, and Olivia Schnock was a Finalist. Congratulations to the winners and Mrs. Xu!  Thanks to Mrs. Xu for organizing all the […]

Sharon Chinese School Chinese New Year and Semester-End Presentation

                  Sharon Chinese School celebrated Chinese New Year on February 7, 2015. It was a wonderful performance by the students who sang traditional Chinese songs, played traditional Chinese instruments, lion dance, Kung Fu and short dramas. All aspects showed the hard work of the teachers and students and […]

Successful School Retreat on September 27

           Sharon Chinese School organized a school-wide retreat at Lincoln Woods State Park, RI on September 27, where not only did it bond families but also let students learn and review Chinese, perform and have fun while learning, and a cultural tour in Providence, RI. The trip was designed to raise […]

Letter From Our Graduate

It’s wonderful to talk to you again! Today was the last day of college orientation and tomorrow is the first day of classes. Today I took a placement test and placed into my school’s Advanced Chinese 2 class! I am so thankful to Sharon Chinese School and all of the wonderful teachers there, which have taught me […]

Congratulations to Jessica Cheng, Kevin Leong, Brian Leong and Michael Yu

Congratulations to Jessica Cheng, Kevin Leong, Brian Leong and Michael Yu for passing the HSK tests. Jessica passed the level 5 of HSK, the second highest level of the Test. The HSK (Chinese: 汉语水平考试), or Chinese Proficiency Test, or Chinese Standard Exam, is China’s only standardized test of Mandarin Chinese language proficiency for non-native speakers […]

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