Class Schedule


2018-2019 School Year Classroom Teacher Assignment

Session 1: 2:00PM – 3:25PM (recess 2:40-2:50)
Class Room # Teacher Teaching Assistant
Chinese Grade K 141 凌雁 (Ms. Yan Fleming)

李尹祁 (Hannah Li)

许彦雅 (Grace Xu)

Chinese Grade 1 142 张轶 (Ms. Yvonne Quinn) 李美衡 (Margaret Li)
Chinese Grade 2 143 薛奉 (Ms. Feng Xue) 陈明扬 (James Chen)
Chinese Grade 3 144 周莉 (Ms. Lilly Zhou)  
Chinese Grade 4 146 孙简 (Ms. Jian Sun)  
Chinese Grade 5 148 翟越 (Mr. Victor Zhai)  
Chinese Grade 6 147 侯性淳 (Ms. Cindy Hou) 夏芸(Yun Xia)
Chinese Grade 7 118 尹湘晖 (Ms. Ivy Yin)  
Chinese Grade 8 119 李艳红 (Ms. Leah Li)  
Chinese Painting for Adults and Youth 12+ 172 林浩宗 (Mr. Ho-Chung Lam)  
Yoga for Adults 121 陈静 (Ms. Jing Chen)  
The Art of Recitation for Adults 151 郭俐媛 (Ms. Liyuan Guo)  
Session 2: 3:30PM – 4:25PM
Chinese Pre-K 141 凌雁 (Ms. Yan Fleming)  
Chinese Grade 9/AP 119 赵彩香 (Ms. Nellie Zhao)  
Chinese Culture Knowledge – Idioms 118 朱立 (Ms. Li Zhu)  
Chinese Classic Children Education – Di Zi Gui Students’ Rules 142 张轶 (Ms. Yvonne Quinn)  
The Art of Recitation 151 郭俐媛 (Ms. Liyuan Guo)  
Drawing and Coloring (Age 5+) 144 许彦雅 (Grace Xu)

李丹娜 (Diana Li)

蓝雯雯 (Berwin Lan)

English Writing for Adults 147 Ms. Susan Rich  
English Writing for Grade 6 and Up 143 Ms. Heidi Olson (海迪)  
STEAM for Grade 4+: SLR Photography (including adults) and 3D Digital Drawing 148

王唯(Mr. Wei Wang),

蓝玉成 (Mr. Yucheng Lan)

Yoga for Adults 121 陈静 (Ms. Jing Chen)  
Adult Chinese for Beginners 123 缪琦蔚 (Ms. Joanne Miao)  
Tai Chi 122 翟越 (Mr. Victor Zhai),  
Homework Club 172 Volunteers; by Appointment  
Session 3: 4:30PM – 5:25PM
Martial Arts for Beginners 121 Mr. Todd Livingstone 郑方屹 (Andrew Zheng)
English Writing for Grade 3 to Grade 5 147 Ms. Susan Rich  
Chinese Culture Knowledge for Beginners (Geography) 142 李琳 (Ms. Lin Li)  
LEGO Robotic League 147 何平 (Mr. Ping He)  
College Application Essay Writing 143 Ms. Heidi Olson (海迪)  
The Art of Recitation 151 郭俐媛 (Ms. Liyuan Guo)  
Chinese Calligraphy for Beginners 172 李韧 (Ms. Ren Li)  
Homework Club 141 Volunteers; by Appointment  


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