SCS Had a Wonderful Chinese New Year of Monkey Celebration

January 23 was a mysterious day as the east coast was waiting for the blizzard to hit. School heads were constantly checking the weather forecast and finally decided that Sharon Chinese School New Year celebration would go on as scheduled. For Sharon Chinese School community, the location was as mysterious as the weather as it was our first time to have our event there.

Snowflakes started falling when school head, teachers, and parents arrived at the Congregational Church of Canton. But,  everyone’s eyes were wide-open as soon as they entered the church to see a beautiful hall with a good sized stage. Immediately everyone started decorating the stage. Students’ painting and drawing were posted and foods were brought in.

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At 2:20 p.m., the event started with the principal and teachers wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year on stage! After the principal’s speech, students began to perform their best. A variety of interesting performance brought the happiness and warms to the audience. Little monkeys in the “Over the Monkey Mountain” brought laughter to the audience; “Where is the Spring” song brought us the imagination of the spring in such a snowy day; Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan by Grandma Yu gave audience an authentic taste of Tai Chi.  The program had a long list of fantastic performance such as music poetry recitation, short snippets about Chinese New Year, a tongue twister, Chinese story telling of a light monkey, Chinese songs of Ducks-counting and All Over the Love and Passion by kids and parents, a talk show about how to make a million dollars quickly, Chinese song of Childhood, Chinese chorus of Picking Fruits and Zodiac song, story of Chinese myth recitation, yoga, a short drama about foreigners in China, poems of today and tomorrow recitation, and martial arts show.

Performance was followed by dinner which was served by all teachers. Students and parents enjoyed various tasty food, made by parents and famous restaurants in the area. Dinner included sushi, meats, Meicai Kourou, spring rolls, tea eggs, pancakes, vegetarian delights, meats in lettuces wrap, desserts, candies, cookies, among others. Slide show and raffle tickets were drawn. Audience enjoyed both food and slide shows while a few lucky ones won fabulous gift cards from Target, Wegman’s Supermarket, Sichuan Gourmet, PF Chang’s, or Kyoto Steakhouse and Sushi Restaurant.

The event ended with youngsters getting the red envelops from the principal before they left the church. The heavy snow now could not stop the guests from smiling. Indeed, everyone had a great time: great atmosphere, great show, great food and great place!  Without the hard work of Mrs. Xue to contact the businesses in the area for donations, to write the calligraphy and draw the monkeys to decorate the stage, to go to Braintree to get the sound system and lights, the hard work of Mrs. Zhao to build the performance list, to direct students during the event, the hard work of Mrs. Wan to create the event flyer and the program, the efforts of all the teachers to coach their students and to serve the food, the hard work of Mr. Libo Huang to make the slideshow, the effort of Nancy to get this facility for the event, and the efforts by all parents who came to set up and clean up afterwards, the event would not be as a great success as it was!  For their dedications to the school and the event, we want to say: “ Thank you!”


1月23日对波士顿地区的人们来说是个稍有神秘感的星期六。暴雪刚刚袭击了华盛顿和纽约,一路北上,什么时间会到波士顿?雪会下多大?人们在不情愿中等待着。沙龙中文学校校委会几天来一直在密切关注天气状况。上午10点,预报说下午4点以后, 波城才有小雪,于是校委会决定2016迎猴年庆祝活动按时举行。活动地点也如同天气一样神秘,因为只有三个人去看过我们第一次用的这个场地。





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