Fun Halloween Celebration

This year’s Halloween just fell on our school day!  Teachers and students wore their Halloween costumes to Sharon Chinese School, some with makeup on. During the half hour between the two sessions of classes, we began the Halloween celebration with the traditional Halloween parade and then trick-or-treat in the haunted house which was designed by the students in the Advance English Writing class. The haunted house could only be entered through a tunnel. Once they got in, students were given candies, face painting and horror… Also, students in the English Writing class also learned some tradition about apple eating!   Thank you, Mrs Olson, the English  Writing Teacher, for such a creative and fun event for the students! Thank you, PTO  members and parents who contributed  to and participated in the celebration!


特别感谢周密组织此次活动的家长会成员,英文写作高班老师Mrs. Olson以及捐助糖果和热心帮忙的各位家长。大家齐心协力是成功的关键!


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