Painting by Erin Fleming is Selected for Concert Poster Background

Our very own student, Erin Fleming’s 2015 silver All-American Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy Competition is selected as the concert poster background. The email from the president of Foundation of Chinese Performance is below.  See the gorgeous poster here.

We are pleased to inform you that for our upcoming concert 1/23/2016 at NEC’s Jordan Hall, we will use the painting by Erin Fleming as the background. Her name and your school are acknowledged on the poster. The poster is a huge one that will be displayed on one of the window cases outside of Jordan Hall. The poster is attached for your reference. Please let her parents know that we are very proud of her. Keep up with the good work, and we hope to see more from your school next April.
Happy Holidays!
Cathy Chan
Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts


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