SCS Partnered with P.F. Chang’s to Celebrate Chinese New Year with Boston Boys & Girls Club

On Thursday, February 11, 2016, The Sharon Chinese School (SCS) partnered with P.F. Chang’s Restaurant in a Chinese New Year Celebration benefitting the Boys and Girls Club of Boston at the Charles Sumner Elementary School. As a non-profit organization, the Sharon Chinese School participates in social outreach activities that serve the surrounding communities and offers an array of Chinese language and culture classes for children and adults alike.

The Boys and Girls Club of Boston at the Charles Sumner Elementary School is an afternoon program that serves children from low-income families. For the 120 children in the program who enjoyed the festivities, it was their first time that they experienced an authentic Chinese New Year celebration and learned about Chinese culture. The event started with Principal Chang telling the story of Chinese New Year.  During the event, students used chopsticks, practiced Chinese calligraphy, made Chinese lanterns, decorated monkey masks, and got their Chinese names written with brush pens.  Thanks to generous food contribution from P.F. Chang’s, students enjoyed a meal of sweet and sour chicken, rice, fruits, and traditional Chinese New Year candies.  Principal Gina Chang and Ms. Feng Xue of the Sharon Chinese School along with the PF Chang staff volunteered and worked with each of the students.  For Principal Chang and Ms. Xue, it was wonderful to see how much the children enjoyed the activities.  “Even though the chopstick challenge was quite challenging for many students, it was great to see that no one gave up.  The students all expressed their appreciation,” noted Principal Chang.  The event was an incredibly rewarding and amazing experience for both Principal Chang and Ms. Xue.  As the event was finishing, a boy approached Principal Chang and Ms. Xue and said, “Someday I will go to China.”

SCS would like to continue to partner with P.F. Chang’s to serve our local communities in future social outreach projects. Throughout February, SCS families who go to P.F. Chang’s for dinner/lunch and order from the Chinese New Year menu also will be donating $1 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  Let’s work together for a good cause. Thank you.

2016年2月11日星期四放学后,沙龙中文学校与 P.F. Chang’s 中餐馆合作,在 Charles Sumner 小学为波士顿男孩女孩俱乐部组织了一场中国新年庆祝活动。沙龙中国学校作为一个非盈利组织,积极参与服务于周边社区的活动,提供一系列针对孩子和成人的中文和中国文化课程。

位于Charles Sumner 小学的波士顿男孩女孩俱乐部是一个有120名低收入家庭学生的课后俱乐部,参加此次活动的是其中一到三年级的大约40名学。这是他们第一次经历地道的中国新年庆祝,了解中国文化。活动以常校长跟同学们互动讲中国年的来历开始,学生们学习用筷子,练习中国书法,做中国灯笼,装饰猴面具(今年是猴年),看志愿者用毛笔蘸上墨汁写自己的中文名字。孩子们美美地品尝了P.F. Chang’s 慷慨捐助的甜酸鸡,米饭,水果和新年糖果。常校长、薛老师和 P.F. Chang’s 的三位工作人员作为志愿者,耐心地对待着每个学生。看到孩子们那么喜欢这些活动,志愿者们感到由衷的高兴。 “尽管学用筷子对很多学生具有相当的挑战性,但了不起的是没有一个人放弃。学生们都纷纷表示感谢。” 这次活动对志愿者们来说是一个颇有收获的难忘经历。活动结束时,一个男孩走上前来对志愿者们说,“将来有一天,我要去中国!”

沙龙中国学校愿继续与合作伙伴P.F. Chang’s 一起服务于当地社区的外联项目。整个二月份,顾客从中国新年菜单中每消费一次,P.F. Chang’s 就捐赠$1给男孩女孩俱乐部。让我们为这一美好的公益事业携手合作!谢谢!


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