Sharon Chinese School

Chess Club

The SCS Chess Club is a program of instruction in the Royal Game for youngsters of all ages.   It combines in-class instruction with online play on  The classroom instruction is divided into three sections.   Beginning Chess is for serious students who are just getting started learning the rules and basic strategies, and Intermediate & Advanced Chess are for more adept students who are ready to take their chess to the next level.

Beginning Chess
Chess is a great game for youngsters to develop their mental and competitive prowess, and youngsters who learn to play chess have been shown to perform better in school and develop more socially stable relationships.  This course will cover the basic rules and skills of chess: how the pieces move, how to record games and positions, the relative values of the pieces, popular tactics (including forks, pins, skewers, discovered attacks) and fundamental strategy, and some frequently seen opening and endgame positions.  Students will get to play each other to test out what they have learned.   
Intermediate and Advanced Chess
These courses, aimed at more adept players, will cover more advanced rules and skills of chess.  Emphasis will be placed on learning the names of commonly analyzed openings and opening variations.  The importance of forming plans for the middle game; recognizing tactics, strategy, and combinations; and understanding endgame principles, will also be discussed.  Finally, we will play through master games and positions, and (if time and attendance permit) hold a tournament.   The Advanced Chess Course adds homework assignments based on the book Winning Chess Openings by Bill Robertie.


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