• 基础班:针对初学者和有一定基础的学员。 主要教授: 呼吸,平衡,拉身,腹部的收缩伸展运动,放松和基本姿势.
  • 高级班:针对有中等基础,寻求更高挑战的学员。主要教授: 各种瑜伽姿势的组合以及一定速度下有强度的连接.


Mya Chang     Erin Fleming



The objective of Kung Fu training is to promote the study of the traditional Chinese Martial arts and the development of the physical, mental, and general well being of the students. The class will feature the Traditional Wah Lum Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, which includes Hand forms, Traditional Kung Fu exercises, Balance and flexibility Training, Two person forms and exercises, and History and theory of traditional Kung Fu. Advanced students will also learn weapons forms and self-defense and practical application.



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