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Math Club

A brand new math course was launched for the primary and secondary students in Sharon Chinese School for the fall of 2014 in response to parents’ requests.  It has been developed from rich resources available from within the school’s talent base and supporting parents.

Now we have two math clubs: one for 5th and 6th graders and the other for 7th and 8th. All students participated Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle School (MOEMS) for the first time and won impressive awards!  See the article by Ms. Yu.

Math course information:

1.       It is for the purpose of stimulating children’s interest in learning Math and letting them feel the sense of “math fun” so as to develop solid basic skills, good learning habits and to build up self confidence in math study. These are achieved by rooting the excellent traditional Chinese mathematics education concept in the American mathematics learning environment – a merging of all the advantages of math education philosophy from both the East and the West.

2.       Course materials are selected from math resources from excellent training institutions in Beijing, Singapore Math textbooks and American Mathematics Competition (AMC, AIME) materials.  It is designed by the joint efforts of educators in the United States and in China, under the guidance of the well-known Mathematical Olympiad gold medal coach, Mr. Liao, who is previously the executive editor of the Magazine “Chinese High School Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry” hosted by Beijing Normal University.

3.       The process of teaching is not only imparting Math knowledge, skills, and methods to students, but also exposing them to math practice, math games and other activities, so they comprehend mathematics as being useful and to gain a profound mathematical grounding.

4.       Math Club actively encourages children to participate in a variety of mathematics competitions, with training, to help stimulate students’ mathematical potential, expand their horizons and promote teamwork in the vast world of mathematics.


Text books: Chinese math, Singapore Math, American Math Competition materials (AMC, AMIE).

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