Summer Camp

Note on 6/20/2018: Due to low enrollment, the two weeks starting Aug 13 and 20 are cancelled.

General Information     

Registration deadline: 6/15/2018. Early registration deadline: 4/6/2018
1. Register online, pay registration fee and tuition deposit or full tuition.


Step 1: Have your bank routing number and check account number ready, and go to 2018 Summer Camp Online Registration

Step 2: First Student Registration ($10 before 4/6/2018, $30 starting from 4/7/2018)

Step 3: Additional Student Registration if you you register for more than one student)

Step 4: Choose  the week(s) to enroll

* Note: The registration won’t be saved until the payment is successful.

2. Fill out the required forms , scan and email to by 6/15/2018.


3. Make payment balance in the online registration system by 6/15/2018.


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